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Probably for the majority of my life, I’ve always kind of just thought of as like she/her. But as we kind of explore more of like, they/their, it makes sense, especially with me, because I don’t like, as a female, in a city, in different kinds of activities and career world that it’s very male driven. Sometimes these thoughts are like, it would be potentially more beneficial. Or if it was like, if I was submitting something or talking to someone and they didn’t see or hear me, if it did come across very gender neutral. Would I actually be noticed more? Would I be taken seriously?

Vegetarian, creative, artist, designer, driver, car enthusiast,

So what I like to do, especially when we were in like the city, kind of just like the normal world, when I would walk past people, I would intentionally make eye contact and like smile at them. Just to try and signify that I noticed you, I noticed you as a human in this like, momentary blip of time and space. So I try to do that and just be aware of other lives around me. This has also gotten me into trouble too, making eye contact, which I didn’t realize, could be intimidating.

Often times I’m put into the box of race as white and not hispanic, and people are often surprised by that.

But no, I don’t and I feel that because I’m human and I’m influenceable and like, I always will see myself probably different than others. It’s definitely that inside looking out versus outside looking in

I would not change who I am. I think I’ve had some I’ve had some tough experiences, but they have brought me to a place in my life that I would not I don’t know if I would have learned the same lessons or who are being who I am today. And and everything else that makes me up. I mean, I guess there’s parts of me that probably vanity wise that I would that even that I’m not sure about.