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Thoughtful, intelligent, anxious, neurotic, creative. Queer, Chicagoan born and raised, artist, creative, writer.

What I want to project into the world is, you know, kindness, consideration of others/ empathy. What I want to present to the world is a little… It’s like a little bit of a darkness that goes with that, too.

I’m very, very, very close to my family. I see my family, sometimes multiple times a week, but usually just once a week, sometimes the queerness makes people assume that that’s not true. family-oriented.

My word to sum up myself is: returning. I guess I feel like I’ve done… I mean, especially like, during the quarantine stuff, this whole idea of finding yourself, there’s so much pressure to do that. Especially for our generation, there’s this kind of like, Who are you like, you have to figure that out, and then realizing that, really, that’s futile, and that really we’re just excavating who we already are, and returning to who we were before the earth or before the world kind of shaped us. So I feel like returning to my inner child living in Chicago all the time, my whole life. I am always in places where I have these weird memories of things. And I write a lot and I do a lot of documentation so I feel like I’m oriented to the past.