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How am I feeling right now? Wow. Um… I guess confused. Yeah. Has that already been said? I just Yeah, I just… I don’t know what’s gonna really become of life. I don’t know I guess I try to stay as much on your plan as you could. But I don’t think that really works in the world. I’m just wondering all the possibilities of the world and what’s going to happen.

I wouldn’t even say I am in a transition part of my life right now. I think.. I don’t know… in a weird way. Everything’s kind of been… I think it’s the best it’s ever been. But also because I feel so comfortable It like makes me worried. And I feel like I have to prepare for something. Because I like, I guess. It’s just like, highs and lows. And I’m like at a high right now. But I get so worried about that. And I get so weird. And I, I guess I’m having a hard time enjoying it or whatever. So I’m like, trying to prepare like, for the worst. Yeah.

I guess I just identify as a person like I don’t know… just another person. I think.. not that there’s not something special or unique about me, but I kind of feel like everyone has that. So it’s kind of like an I am you situation where I’m just one of everyone else and I. I guess I just identify with just being a person. Also, well, that’s actually one of the biggest things that I feel like I’m struggling with. Because I am Puerto Rican, and both parents, and pairs oof grandparents are, but I don’t look like it. I guess it’s just something that i’ll live with my whole life. So yeah, I guess I just identify this just like another person because I guess I’m kind of struggling with that one.