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I feel probably how I walk. Because they feel like that’s what I noticed about other people. Totally putting like, my perception like what I noticed, but I just feel like I noticed how someone walks whether it’s like how they carry themselves or like, how, I don’t know.

Indecisive, stubborn, optimistic. I’m probably the most optimistic person I know. But also it’s really fun you pair was stubborn and indecisive. I’d say those three are my top three.

This is tough because I feel like the first one that comes to mind is like young. Like I’ve always seen myself as like feeling very young like, I feel like a lot of it was like I dress young but you know, I mean like I feel younger and I identify a lot with being like… I don’t know I it’s harder as they become older because I still feel like permanently 21 in my brain. And I’m like, Oh my god, like one day I’m going to be, God Willing, I sound like my mom, like 65,89, and am I still gonna feel 21 so like, I feel like I guess that’s the age old question everyone has but I feel like I want to say young but then I’m like, well, is that always gonna be true? And I guess that’s tough. But I’d say young is definitely probably the biggest one. And then feminine like I definitely feel very female I feel very strongly female. Yeah, I’m just a young girl you know, a young woman that feels like a child all the time. But yeah, I’d say those two feel like most prevalent to me.

I guess it’s more like I always go out trying to make other people feel seen. Um, because I think we’ve all been in situations where we’re not and that you feel like so shitty. you’re like oh, wow, I’m at a party and no one’s talking to me or like I’m working at this coffee shop but everyone’s just like looking at me like this is just a transaction and they leave. I think my goal is to make everyone feel like they’re noticed they’re seen at least for like a second. Yeah, I’d say that that’s what i hope i project is I don’t know if there’s like an adjective for that but like seen, that’s what I I hope do. Do it all the time? Probably not. Oh my god. Probably not. Half the time I’m like so busy I’m tripping over my own feet and trying to like get myself my own day figured out so yeah.

A work in progress. I’m always growing. always working on me. Failing, succeeding, all that stuff. I feel like that, that there’s like a work in progress with like, no destination. Like Well, I get somewhere? No, I’ll die. That’s fine. It’s just constant working. And I think that’s like, super important to me that I’m like, not staying stagnant. But I’m always trying something new trying to better myself. That kind of stuff.