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I want to be perceived as like outgoing and funny. And I think that I am those things but I think I also am the the initial thing of being like shy and quiet at first and like it takes me a little while to get comfortable.

I’m a designer, a music listener, I guess like people think I’m a metal head guy because of things that I wear and like, but I also like a lot of other things, but I think I do fit in with that type of category. A film enthusiast as well.

I guess I want to be seen as professional but also not professional. Like, I feel like I have a thing of like, trying to be funny and like get people to laugh and then also trying to be taken seriously, it’s like a double edged sword

There’s not a lot that I would that I want to change about myself I feel like I wouldn’t want to change my upbringing and like my childhood and like how that formed the person that I am supposed to be.