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Okay, so middle aged white lady. And like, I’m doing a lot of work exploring what that means to be that and my relationship to that description. I would say like lifelong learner, Chicagoland for sure. I’m also trying to understand what it means to be a small business owner. And I think I’m also exploring the identity of being a friend and what that means.

I think integrity is like the biggest focus on how I show up.

I’ve received a National Service Medal for doing scientific research in Antarctica I got like a full on bronze metal with like, you know the stripes if you will. It came 15 years late, just a couple weeks ago

I think I’m in constant kind of struggle with that, my image of myself versus other peoples image of me. I think people see me a lot better than I see myself, you know. and I think i’m you know the the like, trying to build yourself up a little bit all the time. ’

So one thing I would not change I think my like, willingness to… people have called me like a really giving person and I think that sense of abundance and like willingness to show up and give is I think a solid quality. Yeah. I also am not risk averse. In many ways, so I think like being risk tolerant is a good, I take risks.