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So I came up with like, exactly like, how I think like my persona is and like how it comes off, which is like utility femme. So that is like, kind of like, I think what’s going on? And then like, I’m also like, really handy, but like I don’t always like look like I could be so it’s like, yeah, utility

yeah… um.. oh my gosh, it just occured to me how many things I am. A poet, a crotcheter, a movie critic, a friend.

I think I just like don’t want people to like judge me based on how I look at all so I just like don’t even really try to be anything. I’ve found that’s the easiest way to get like genuine interactions out of people. I don’t really have any expectation for how I’m supposed to be perceived, to be honest.

I tend to think that I’m probably some like, a far off speck of dust in some rainbow light. Like, I’m just chillin floating through the air. Like I don’t really feel like a human being sometimes. I feel like objects. So yeah, that’s probably what I would say a tiny little speck of dust somewhere in the sun.