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Designer, executive director, founder, dad, son. Friend. I think this is where I would say mentor, actually. Painter, muralist, artist, designer.

I want to project confidence, I think, which is kind of an interesting because I often think about when I wear and I walk into meetings with like, the mayor’s office in a t‑shirt and I often think about like, is this appropriate, you know. But there’s also a little bit of a confidence to that, I think. Even if it’s not necessarily like the sort of suit and tie confidence, it’s like being comfortable in your own skin sort of. So I go back and forth on that a lot. But I think at the end of the day, it’s like, and there’s also a certain difference for me between confidence and approachability. And really kind of making myself approachable is really important to me. So willing to have a conversation with a homeless person, as well as like, the mayor’s office, you know, and everybody in between, I really value that a lot in life. So I don’t know if confidence is right. I think confidence and sort of approachable would be the counter to that that I would use.

I think I have a little bit of body dysmorphia going on. Not to like any sort of clinical thing and not to compare myself to others. But I think the way I see myself in the mirror I quickly see all the flaws. And I don’t think other folks notice those flaws because there’s more connected to the person behind them.