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I would say spontaneous. Outgoing, but also reserved. I would say welcoming, but also independent. I like to be independent. So some colliding words. Creative, loyal, adventurous, anxious.

I’m very into dressing to express how I am. So like, kind of bringing creativity into the world. Being very expressive and welcoming, and just kind of showing up how I am like, what you see is what you get kind of thing, like just making sure that other people are comfortable with who they arem just trying to bring that vibe that’s like, it’s chill, like, just, you know, be who you are. And just bring out the creative side of people.

I would say how loyal I am. Especially to my friends. I tend to be a little too forgiving or like, I tend to see the best in people. And sometimes that hurts me, but I also would rather have that then just be negative all the time. So that’s something I definitely wouldn’t want to change.