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I believe that everyone walks around with what I call a veil of certainty that filters their entire perception of the world, through their biases, through their beliefs, through their experiences. And each of us are confident that we are perceiving the world accurately, when in fact, we are not. It’s all of this outside world is being filtered again through biases and beliefs and experiences. And the problem comes in when the biases are the governing factor.

I further believe that all of us carry a certain amount of archetypes in our heads. You know, Joseph Campbell’s study of mythologies, or tarot cards, or Jungian psychology, there’s just a certain set of archetypes that we deal with. And they are, they’re there, and they’re so much easier to use to deal with the world together, rather than each of us looking at each other as individuals. It’s so much easier for for all of us to take the categories that the characteristics that we have generated through these archetypes and just apply it to a person rather than looking at a person and assigning specific characteristics to each of us. So having said all that, how people perceive me, is impossible for me to know. Because they, they are only perceiving me through the filter or the, through the veil of certainty.

You know, when I was younger, I did not know I was wearing the veil. And I was confident that, you know, I knew what was going on out there outside my head. But age provides context. You know, you run the situations over and over and over. I’m continually surprised.

I like to believe that I’m more than my labels. you know, if, when you start using labels, you reduce people to the simplest, or the most.. you dumb them down to a point where they’re no longer people. And I just, I try to avoid it. And it’s unavoidable.

I rarely go out. I’ve worked for myself and by myself for 33 years, out of my house. I enjoy being around people a very small amount. It’s not that I hate it. But most of my world exists inside my head.

Being forced to choose a series of adjectives to say, what is it that I want to project? I would like to… I guess, what do I want them to think about myself? Or what is it that I hope to project in a way that makes the world better? And for the latter, I would I would hope that I project that I was kind and understanding and supportive and patient. That’s what I would hope that I could do to improve the world.