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Flux. I’m in a constant state of flux. I’m sensitive, experimental, soft but strong.

There are labels I identify with and labels that are given to me, and they’re very different. I feel like I’m labeled as a taskmaster, and disciplined, good management leadership person, but in terms of things I identify with, yes I am disciplined, but I’m not as structured as people make me out to be. I’m a little more fluid. Fluidity is a big thing that I would like to focus on for the next half of my life. This year has made me realize how important it is.

South Asian, radical, healer.

I want to present kindness, acceptance, and understanding. Which is funny because that’s not the impression I give off. A lot of people have told me or your first impression you’re very intimidating because of how tall, and my physical appearance. People are like, like, I will not want to approach you because you intimidate me. which to me is like a back handed slap, since I can’t change how I look.

I wouldn’t change my way of speaking, my accent, my tone. It’s very different and no one recognizes it.